police and explr badges

 Vallejo Police Department Explorer Program

The Vallejo Police Department Explorer Post strives to create interest in law enforcement by exposing youth to the many duties police officers perform while building the self-confidence and character of the Police Explorers. While many explorers go on to be successful Police Officers, the explorer program allows youth to explore their interests in all areas of policing. Some may realize becoming a Police Officer may not be the exact profession they wanted, but others will thrive in their career as a Police Officer. Sometimes, explorers find more interest in other jobs within the police department. Many explorers have worked as crime scene investigators, dispatchers, and police clerks; by teaching them new skills and challenging them to overcome obstacles, we prepare them for a career in law enforcement and teach them the necessary tools to be successful in any profession they choose.

Explorers learn the importance of cooperation and teamwork in achieving goals and accepting individual responsibility. Through service to the community, the Explorers are taught the necessity of civic duty.

The Explorers participate in various activities throughout the city and Police Department. Some of those include monthly training covering multiple topics related to police work, “ride-a-longs” with police officers, assistance at DUI checkpoints, holiday fairs, waterfront events, fundraisers, and statewide competitions.

To join the Explorer Program, please email [email protected].