About the Neighborhood Watch Program

 The Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) has historically proven to be one of the most effective crime prevention programs to date. The program organizes residents to work cooperatively with law enforcement, with a goal to deter criminal activities and secure safer neighborhoods. 

The absence of neighborhood familiarity and relationships with one another have contributed to an increase of certain types of criminal activities. Local residents are the experts of their own neighborhood and are the best source of knowledge when it comes to identifying activities that are out of the ordinary. 

As an organized NWP group, local residents are trained by members of the Community Services Division Crime Prevention Unit on how to identify, document and report criminal activities to the police department, without directly intervening or confronting suspected criminals. Each of our NWP groups are asked to designate leaders so that they can act as a liaison with the police department. 

Neighborhood Mapping 

One of the most important elements of a successful neighborhood watch is having the boundaries clearly defined. By defining the boundaries, it will be easier to identify homes that need to still be reached and informed of the watch group. 

It will also allow neighbors to network together and identify problem properties that need to be monitored on a regular basis. If there is a park of community center within the boundaries, neighborhood events can be held at these locations or in a neighbors home or yard. 


Using the Nextdoor.com app as a way to keep in touch with your neighbors and stay in consistent communication with City Officials and Law Enforcement, is a good start. You may also visit out Crime Data page to track reported crimes and statistics in your neighborhood.