The Vallejo Police Department is working collaboratively with the City of Vallejo and the Neighborhood Law Program (NLP) to address the series of complaints regarding the use of illegal fireworks. Now, Vallejo residents may use Axon’s “Citizen Assist” portal to safely submit video/photo evidence of illegal firework activity using the following link: Report Fireworks.

Simply submit your name (optional) and number (required) to receive a link to upload the evidence. Please understand that the use of fireworks is dangerous and may cause serious bodily harm, fire hazards, noise disturbances and trauma to those dealing with mental and/or physical health conditions. To support our community, the Vallejo Police Department will generally supplement additional patrol staff to survey areas reporting the use of illegal fireworks.

NLP will also be issuing administrative citations for people using and possessing illegal fireworks pursuant to the Vallejo Municipal Code section 12.28.120. To report active illegal firework activity, call 9-1-1 or contact the Vallejo Fire Prevention line at (707) 648-4564 during normal business hours.


Press Release: https://conta.cc/3gO1XeU